Square One

Take a business from 0 to hero.

My business partner and I launched Trefiel in October 2015, which we grew from 0 to 10,000 customers with a 40% return customer rate in 18 months. My goal was to build a brand that customers recognised, connected with, loved and repurchased from consistently.


Build a recognisable brand.

It’s not easy to stand out in any industry at the moment, and beauty is a particularly competitive space. I knew that in order to stand out, Trefiel had to look, feel and speak like nothing else on the market so that’s what I created.

Creating Community

Bring women together around our brand.

There’s no shortcut to creating a community - it requires consistency, dedication and a commitment to giving more than you get back. I wanted to build a business which cared just as much about our customer’s skin as it did their well-being.

Retention Strategy

Win-back our customers time and time again.

It’s no secret that email marketing is effective and I used it on a variety of occasions to catch the attention of my customers and encourage them to purchase masks and continue looking after their skin.

Product Creation

New products that sell.

Adding new products to an already successful business takes a lot of consideration. I designed products that our customers loved by staying in touch with the communities desires and making sure that our customers received more value than they expected.

Internal Processes

The wow factor.

A business is made great in the details and my focus on streamlining our internal processes meant our customers always had a stellar experience with our company, no matter who they were talking to or what the situation was.

4% conversion rate


40% return customer rate

in 18 months