Can you grow a local business with social media?

On a recent trip to Cairns, I spent some time working with local business owner, Robyn John from Robyn’s Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique. Like a lot of small business owners, Robyn was finding it difficult to understand how she could use social media to:

  1. Educate, entertain and inform her customers of what she did in an interesting way; and
  2. Grow her local business.

That’s where I stepped in.

Step behind the scenes with my local business client

Robyn and I sat down to chat business and basic social media marketing strategies, which she kindly agreed to allow me to film so others could benefit from what we discussed.

In this video, we cover:

  • How to come up with content for your local business;
  • Different calls-to-action you can use;
  • How to build leverage and grow your local business;
  • How to integrate your personality into your business content; and
  • How to re-purpose your social media reviews.

Look at the questions I was asking my local business client

If you’re wanting to create a content strategy to grow your local business, listen very closely to the questions I’m asking Robyn. The questions I ask not only helped me understand her business better, but they helped me to dig out the important nuggets of information.

Those nuggets are worth sharing on social media.

You can use the same questions to find those valuable pieces of content for your local business too.

What did you think?

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