One of the hardest things with any product business is ensuring that your customers keep returning. While we have an absolutely incredible product, it’s still difficult for us to do because sheet masks are not a necessary skin care product, at least not like a moisturiser or a cleanser.

We knew from our perspective that we needed to find a way to have customers come back to us on a regular time frame, but we also knew that just because we wanted to find a need didn’t mean that we would. So what do you do when you’re trying to develop a new product? You talk to your customers.

Time and time again, we found that women around the world are struggling to make time for themselves. Sure, everyone’s busy, but no one can argue that a mum has a huge amount on her plate - children, partners, family, friends and work. Her own needs? Forget it, when could she possibly find time to fit herself in on her busy days?

Our customers told us what they needed. They needed help making a commitment to themselves. They needed a reminder to stop and take some time for themselves. And they needed inspiration to do it - other women around the world who were also juggling busy lives, but found the time to look after themselves regardless. It was just a matter of coming up with a service or product to fit that.

The subscription model isn’t anything new and watching other people’s success proved to us that this model was viable. We knew that we needed our product to be the centre piece of the service - to have it any other way would weaken the brand and our relationship with our customers. We also knew that it couldn’t just be our product, we needed something extra to entice people to sign up for 6 months or a year.

One thing that I know, being a woman myself, is that I love to be pampered. I feel fantastic about myself when I indulge in some me-time, specifically if it involves beautifying myself. As much as I like to think I’m a special snowflake, I know deep down that I’m like pretty much every woman out there (in this respect at least). I realised that all we needed to do to make this appeal to our customers was market it right. It wasn’t a ‘sign up and get our masks’ type of service, it was a ‘friendly reminder to look after yourself’ service. And it worked.

Our perfectly packaged Pamper Kit - until it goes through Australia Post's delivery network

We packaged it up one afternoon, using tissue paper and ribbon to create a Pamper Kit. Inside the Kit, there were 5 Trefiel Hydromasks, a secondary product to make our customers pamper time extra special and a personal note from Trefiel. Our packaging wasn’t fantastic, but it was enough to get it onto our website and to start marketing it.

Since starting the Pamper Kit, we’ve had a great response and a good numbers. We were offering a free box if customers signed up for a 6 month or one year subscription, however we have since had to remove that offer as a few people took advantage of it - we lost some money on product, but for the most part it was a good lesson.

There’s always room for improvement, which is why this year we’ll be improving packaging to provide an even more luxurious experience for our customers. At the moment, when the Pamper Kit is packaged it looks beautiful, but by the time it’s handled by the postage delivery network, it arrives at their homes looking a little worse for weather. We want to provide the ultimate experience and we’ll do this by continuing to work on our design of the service.

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