Hey, I'm Lucy!

I started a skin care company in 2015 and now help other businesses achieve the same success with my consulting agency.

I'm passionate about climate change and sustainability, which is why I'm on the hunt to find companies doing cool things in these areas. Sound like you? Let's talk.

I write on this site too

But it's different to my writing you find elsewhere.

I think of this site as a place to post my thoughts on the research and work I'm doing at the moment. It may not be highly beneficial to you as a reader, but it's part of my process of making sense of the world and what I learn as I age.

I’ve always been fascinated by nature and craved time spent in it without always knowing why. As I’ve grown older and somewhat wiser, I understand that as a human, it’s one of my core needs to feel a part of something bigger. Nature often gives me that sensation.

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